Natalya's Car pack 01 (4 Cars)

A pack I’m releasing with 4 cars… S197 Mustang, Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Impala, Police Impala. All credits are listed in the readme.

SicknessModel (for mustang sounds and some tire properties)

Download Links:

(Both have the same file.)

This is my first car release on Garry’s Mod so if something’s messed up please let me know, but be sure to download the SicknessModel pack first.
If you want to add lights or whatever with LUA they have attachments for them so you don’t have to guess and check for coordinates of where to put them.

The shading looks kinda weird.

What the hell is up with that horrible playermodel?
And the cars look decent, except the weird smoothing or shading on the cop car.

they are awesome :bravo:

Those models look horrible no offense, the textures are good tho

Nice try


useful for me…

Glad some of y’all like the textures. I didn’t do the actual models (except for vehicle rigging and animating stuff, I did that) but I did like all except for 2 of the textures which aren’t shown here anyway.

well it’s a start

its sad to read. that people don’t like it because this or this.

Its her first car pack, every first time is not totally aswome,

Why don´t you give it a try on these GTA 4 models?

The author name is schaefft

Obviously you gotta ask his permission first

These models are way too awesome, and better yet for GMOD, but the author is strict on these kind of conversion, try your luck ok.

Could I put this on or will I get banned because I didn’t do 100% everything?

Not really, look at Sickness Rp models.

Tons of GTA4 cars in it.

The shading looks a little messed up in places, but having seen the same thing on my models I’m guessing that’s the modeler’s fault. I’m really liking the Impala.

Okay it’s now on the Garry’s Mod website.

The Impalas definitely have some weird shading going on, but yea I didn’t actually make any of the models here… I just rigged them, animated them, gave them extra skins (all Impala skins are by me alone), and compiled them as vehicles.

These cars are beautiful, well except for the back of the police car. First Zoey and now another girl who’s a terrific coder! If you’re sexy then I’m in love!