National Guard arriving at a non-response city.


Ingame edit.

The street is a little bit to cluttered with cars, otherwise very awesome picture! I would very much like to edit this, if that would be okay with you? :3:

prop placement looks o.k, but shame the picture has no editing

Good prop-placement. Very empty on the left though… and it sort of looks like AF wasn’t set as high as it could go… or AA. That or the jpeg quality.

Sure go ahead Zerax :smiley:

And yeah about the AA. It’s as high as it can get. So it’s probably the the jpeg quality. And as for the empty left side. I didn’t know what to place with the trains, and under the bridge everything got annoyingly way to dark, i tried to equal it with colour tool but I failed.

Also about the cars, I tried to make it look-a-like the resident evil ending scene, I might over-placed some cars tho and to little garbage and what-so-ever on the streets. But thanks.

Look’s pretty damn awesome, but I have to agree with Chesty.

what happened

looks fan-fuckin-tastic

Whoah, nice scene build Rick!

Thanks guys.

Anything else I should work on or something? :v:
Bump excuse I guess but I worked a lot on this :3:

I love it, awesome job

for some reason I always love mass disaster scenes haha, this looks great!

Thanks man. And I love mass disaster scenes as well as apocalypse movies :v: