National Guard found his loved one.

Glorious editing of blood by Joazzz.

“She’s gonna be fine, bro!”

Those poor pills just lying there…wasting away.

great posing Rick. Joazzz, great job on the blood, thought it was an actual texture :V

'tis but a scratch. :v: idk why I’m quoting that game…

Cool pose man.

What game? It’s from Monty Python & The Holy Grail.

How to do blood, please help :)?

All she needs is a blood transfusions and a couple cycles of cpr and she will be fine.

How did you get the ingame blood in the female’s mouth?

Looks like it’s that time of the month…

Tricky use of splatter brushes and smudging tool.


Did you use a filter on it or make it more opaque/change layers settings (overlay and shit like that).

I laughed when I first saw the decapitated soldier,I thought his head was launching of like a rocket.

I used the Multiply mode for the layer. I also applied different parts of the blood with different opacity, erased parts of the brushes and finally did some smuding.

Other then that, yeah, it’s quite touching.

Jesus Christ, that’s brutal.

That body is still warm, right?


Pretty sweet editing but what’s that bloody slug thing on her side?

“Oh my god honey who put their lungs on you”