National Guard rushing uphill (World in Conflict)

I don’t usually do war poses, but that one scene from World in Conflict inspired me so much that I had to recreate it.


Most of the effects were hand-painted, excluding some parts of blood and smoke, and the tracers. And the flag was also made from scratch. Something looks off, though, but I can’t really tell what.


That flag is awesome :0

The smoke and the explosions look too whiteish, the smoke should be a little gray/dark (The sky tells its getting dark there) and the explosion at the side of the soldier should produce more dirt and have some soft firey colors.

But fuck man, you did the flag from scratch? Tutorial please?

The shading and the posing look really nice tho.

Awesome. Love the posing. Thought I think the hill could look a little more battlefield ish. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some annoying isolation problems ruin this fine picture.

Just combined some basic things. Made a new layer, painted it white, added the details, pattern overlay, shading, ripped n’ snapped by deleting, darkened it and here we are.

It’s not perfect, but it certainly is an admirable attempt.

Hah, I love your way to express what you feel.

You need a monocle and a moustache now. A top hat would fit too.

I don’t think the U.S Army would have get someone to carry a flag into battle these days

Who’s the wise guy that pulled up in an unarmed humvee?

It gives a morale boost from what I know, just like a reinforcement of air or armor arriving on spot.


There should be a Bugler.

They do in the scene this picture is based on.



There should be a what?

Me, I didn’t have any armed Humvee models.

Are those reskins of the Marines from Insurgency?


Pretty nice reskins.

March for Burgerking!

Ughh, I hated the ads in this game. Really, BURGER KING?