National guard soldier walk away from CEDA blockade


Scenebuild, btw.

looks empty
but nice tho


fuck CEDA.

looks good to me, apart from the car, should some glass IMO


its a gnome


God damn it, I knew I forgot something.

Blame the vikings.


ITT: Koreans and Swedes.

It’d be pretty good except I think the gun is REALLY out of place. He’d be better of with an M16 or M4. Also the walking pose is a bit too subtle.

Other then that it’s nice editing and scene building.

Like the atmosphere. Posing is decent.

Apologies for not using the most horrible and overused weapon of all time. Real fucking sorry.

Is that really something to get upset over? He’s a United States National Guard soldier, the US military uses the M16 and M4 rifle families. If you didn’t want to use those you could always give him a M249.

That’s what you get for thinking outside of the box, I guess.

Lets give him boxes to think inside of.

Looks good.

And could somebody might explain why people care about what weapons the ragdolls have? Its awesomely pointless IMO.

This is why hardly anybody posts in your threads, in case you’re still wondering.


Nice atmosphere but the smoke/fog stuff is a little 2D and I’m not sure I like the wide camera angle. Some vignetting might help.

Also, the weapon model choice is odd.

A near-future, non-existent, semi-futuristic rifle doesn’t fit well in this picture at all. Also, if you’re going to put things in your title like “a Russian soldier fighting” or “an American soldier fighting” then you may as well give them Russian or American weapons, or else change your thread title to “a soldier fighting”.

hey didnt i edit this one too on edit my screenshot thread

You’re seeking out realism in a garrysmod screenshot about zombies.

That’s like arguing how the TF2 Soldier’s Rocket launcher isn’t supposed to hold 4 rockets in real life.

Here’s my edit:

there was really nothing to edit, but I tried

Why so dumb, people?

I like it, but it lacks light source. Some lamps/fire should really add to the atomosphere.
(Did i type it right?)


H3llFire, It’s not nice posting your edit in Zerax’ thread.

Prop placement is nice but the scene is boring.

There’s a difference between realism and common sense. A massive difference.

When they made L4D they didn’t say “oh well it’s about zombies so we may as well put laser guns in it”, they said “we should put an M16 in it because the National Guard guys would have dropped them”.

And what I’m trying to say is that the level of intended realism remains up to the creator unless stated otherwise. Yes, the gun is out of place, but the creator already stated that it was done delibarately.

Christ almighty why does everyone gets so batshit insane whenever guns are involved?