National Security

To short for a comic I thought. Mod can just move it they if feel otherwise.
Alright. I have to explain this. It is a stab at the Bush administration as they where the biggest threat towards national security due to their incompetence.
If the secretary of defense knew what he/she was doing, the administration would have been killed of due to safety reasons.

I feel like we’re missing a frame somewhere here.

Where she chop of his head, or where Sheva gets naked and starts touching her self?

She’s hot imo

well the latter would be more suiting to your style, but I think we’re missing the reason why she went postal.

Incompetent politicians are the clue here. The Bush admin did a lot more damage than good. He has been voted the worst president by several papers and news sources.

Those guys are in a serious need of a chiropractician.

oh so it was a political statement about bush politics, and thus they are the worst threat to national security. I think another setup frame explaining that would have helped. Now that I get it, it’s funny.

What a facinating turn of events.

Dem legs…

Yea I did that on purpose you know. Since politics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I though legs would make up for it.

what map is that? a reskin of CS_office?

Witty AND sexy!
Well done Rastifan!

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Miss. DearHeart = Miss. Deadheart
Nice job, love posing of last pic. =)

Awwwwww…You got sexy and politics in one thread without me :frowning:
All though I can’t really agree with your statement.
:golfclap: well played.