Nativity Fortress 2

Alright, simple request for the upcoming Christmas/Holiday request:

Engy, Scout, and Spy as the Three Wise Men:

Medic as the Angel:

Scouts Mom as Mary:

Heavy as Joseph:

Aaaand Soldier and Demoman as the Shepards:

Alright, let the community extraviganza… begin? Please?


Also, let it be added that if anyone feels like doing christmas mods of the Heavy weapons and the engy machines, that’d be great!

And the Sniper?

I’d ask who Baby Jesus would be, but I’m not sure I want to know.

There’s a baby model out there…
It looks dark enough to be a baby Jesus…
Ugly enough too, but that being said, I have no idea where it is, just that I have it in a spawnlist.