Natsuki Kuga's Pistols View Model

I’m making a SWEP based off of Natsuki Kuga from Mai-HiME, and I would like the view models. If anyone is up to modeling them and rigging, that would be AWESOME

Here are the best pics I could find’s_element.jpg

Basically they’re sawn off revolvers with orbs on the back with what looks like the butt of bullets placed on it.

Im interested pm me man

Here’s 2 more pics i took from the show itself


Found the perfect side picture

Looks sweet!

Not only do I have a HUGE hatred of anime, but that gun looks downright idiotic. No thanks.

update i have started and im just done the basic model very basic

lol no pistol gun trigger thats my fault here u go guys

How do you aim this gun?

Only in shit anime.

Theres no sights.

Ingame, crosshair.

Hm… shitty concept. But sure looks nice. I’m not a fan of anime stuff but some shit looks neat. Is there actually a Kaneda (+bike) model?

any my hime/otome mods would be sweet


I don’t even play gmod but whatever, here’s the files and a compile for a world model.
No view model cause I don’t care for animating such a thing.

Do your own animating/compiling ;).


Sorry for my modelling ignorance…
You mean you can already use this on Gmod? or it still lacks compiling?
Or you just refer to the Animations compilling?


That model looks awesome btw.

Still needs to be compiled.