Natural Disasters

Once Experimental branch is playable and most of the content is there. This is what i’d like to see.
-Every few months (in game) a volcano explodes. There would be three different kinds of explosions
-Type 1: No lava, lots of smoke. The smoke causes less crops to be grown (once farming is implemented), Animals become more erratic for 4 in game days.
-Type 2: Some lava, some smoke. The lava slowly moves around the volcano. Destroying grass, wood, and stone bases. Metal takes damage but can withstand it to some extent. Animals become erratic for 6 in game days.
-Type 3: Lots of lava, Volcano shoots lava which can reach far places. Lava moves fast, can destroy grass, wood, and stone bases. Metal takes damage but can withstand it to some extent. Items in the first 3 floors of the base will be destroyed due to heat.
-Little pockets should be places randomly around the map which when Type 3 occurs shoots lava like a geyser.
-After eruptions ores can be found within the volcano which has cooled down. Coal, which will power the electronics which will probably be implemented in game will be found deep within the volcano.
-As a ester egg within the volcano should be bones (which you cant remove) of all the creatures everyone wanted to replace zombies (

-Every few weeks (in game) A tornado(s) randomly spawn on the map.
-Type 1: Small tornado that does significant damage. Can destroy grass, wood, and stone bases. From top to bottom you see pieces of your bases being destroyed. Last 7 minutes in real time.
-Type 2: Huge tornado that destroys anything it touches except the strongest base. Food become harder to find after tornado. Lasts 5 minutes in real time.
-Type 3: Duo tornados that last 15 minutes. Can destroy grass, wood, and stone bases.
-Im not sure about this one but I’m sure someone will think of something :smiley:

-Every few months (in game) a huge tsunami will engulf most the island. The outer rim of the island will be under water. For a few days (in game) the map will be smaller which will force players to interact with one another. Food will be limited and animals will be more aggressive. Bases that were engulfed with water will still be there but everything within the base will be destroyed.

Other disasters that i’d like to see are Earthquakes, Locus swarm, Blizzards, Sand storm, Avalanche, Drought, Hailstorm. The three I wrote are just examples how id like it to be set up but Id like to see all these be implemented.

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I agree with all of this, but I think that the things engulfed in the tsunami shouldn’t be destroyed (well certain things ex. Guns rust?). I think it would be cool to go on little underwater explorations into abandoned homes to grab some stuff that survived the wave. (chance for possible handmade scuba tanks? breathing air out from a zip plastic bag?)

You’d pass out in 30 seconds & die 2-3 minutes after that.

well, a bit longer depending on the size of the bag…but not damn long:)

What you say is true, my statement were all to specific to be accounted for as valid.
Now, a sandwich! :v:

A Monsoon seems like something that could be doable. Very heavy torrential rain obscuring your vision, winds strong enough to possibly blow away shelters and other weak structures. Not quite as extreme as a Hurricane or Tornado.