Naughty pictures.

Hi guys, am I allowed to put naughty pictures here in forum if:

  1. breasts/genetalia is not visible (just ordinary body parts like belly, legs etc)
  2. write down dirty things like fak, rape, penetrate

You’ll want to be going here for that

unless it’s 100% artistic and not sexualized in the least bit then it can’t be here

Fantasy in lone guys head that slutty woman try to seduce him is naughty? like bannable way naughty?

no nipplz no cacks no puzzy

In that case it’s most likely fine if all the naughty is just in text, facepunch is weird mind you, we can’t have major lewdness in the poses here but one of the top threads that gets advertised on the front page is " What turns you on the most V.2 Gurant Approved [NSFW] "

Are you really asking if you can write down ‘‘dirty things’’ when your title is ‘‘You make me push my dick and balls Back between my legs’’

If facepunch approves my text under image I think we all are mature guys and understand that under skirts and pants is not flowers and snakes.

Is the nudity artistic?
Yeah you can have it.

Is it straight up sex?
Then no you can’t have it.

if youre any one but rastifan its fine. keep it classy instead of “OH HUGE MOIST MONSTER DICK IN MY ASSHOLE”

My favorite Rasti-classic is “Awkward conve-LESBIAN SEX”.

But yeah, what Mini said.

no no no viper you dont understand the lesbian sex represents oppressed freedoms or something like that

“Something cleary a sex pose” ARTISTIC NUDE!!! -Rastifan

yeah, it’s just lesbian shit. (i don’t have anything against lesbian shit though)
though i have to make a confession that i regularly go to digitalero.

works this way too

what do you guys think this is some ALIEN RAPE FANTASY in which this lady gets RAPED BY ALIENS and that GIVES YOU A BONER? no i’m not projecting shut up you RAPISTS oh my god

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i still legitimately wonder if he’s ever sexposed a xenomorph

Not so sure this will be a good idea. Facepunch does not seem to approve of any lewd ladies. From what I have seen since 2012, it is mostly mockery or immature responses. You would be better off posting it on Deviantart or other sites more aimed at this I think.

It’s not about mockery or immature responses, it’s just that the majority of nude poses that we have had in this section aren’t artistic at all, plus, Rastifan never handled critisism very well so of course there will be mockery of him.

Is Rastifan even still around?

Yeah don’t put any of that here buddy, it won’t end well…

He got perma’d, made an alt and got perma’d again.