Nav Mesh Nextbot

So as the title states I am using nav mesh and nextbots. I don’t want to have to specify where each nextbot should need to spawn at and was attempting to use a table of nodes from the nav mesh. However, I am not seeing any access to the nodes at all. The navmesh library itself seems to not be fully developed. If we have access to just a table of all the nodes that would be great and I could work from there, does anyone have any news on the nodes/navmesh at all?

Thanks in advance!

I also noticed there seems to be a lot of stuff missing. Another thing to watch out for: If you put obstacles in the way of NPCs, they will just walk into them, and get stuck >_>

I can’t really answer your question though, all I can recommend is maybe using the player spawns? There is the “find hiding spot” type functions, maybe there is one that finds a generic spot?

Yeah, I placed a request on the github so we (hopefully) could get an array of the nodes or at least the navmesh library a little more developed.