Naval Play gamemode [RECODE]

so for the last few weeks i have been working on a new naval play gamemode
some might recall the sgc clan having a few servers running it i have recoded it as i read they were done with it
and made a new one from scratch

the point of the game mode is for the french and british teams
to fight for oil to buy weapons (need to add more cannon types)
and fight each other the cannons use a weapon combat sytsem based on gernic default’s combat system
and was wondering if people think i should release it or keep it private

and yes the flag is the hp bar

3 Words. Amazingly. Fucking. Awesome.

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private or public, cause ill host the beta servers :smiley:

The GUI looks like it could use so some work, but great job so far.

Yeah you should really upgrade the HUD and the Derma stuff cause it makes the gamemode sad.
For the Flag (HP Bar) don’t make it goes invisible only change it’s alpha but don’t make it invisible cause its ugly.

Looks kinda cool. As has been said, menus need some work but this looks promising.

It looks great but public or private?

i am not that good at derma design so any ideas on making the menus better will help
and i take starfox’s idea on the hp bar and add a little more 2 it

i think it will be public

changed hp bar kept the cut away but added a alpha texture behind it (thx to starfox for idea)
and changed screen shot of damaged hud to show changes
check last screen shot

This /should/ be interesting… hopefully.

One of ym friends (lilezek) did an upgraded version of this gamemode a few years ago that fixed some problems the original gamemode had and he basically recreated the whole gamemode looking at the official server.

I still have that recreation in my hdd so should you want to take a look to it, just add me to steam and I’ll give it to you ^^

would be nice to see the old game mode i have remade most from memory i sent you a steam friends

This gamemode was so much fun!
Remember when i had a Naval marathon of 5hrs playing with some of my friends on skype.
Built one huge tank boat for oil and one huge with lots of cannons then we were 2 players on each one, some really epic battles!
Been looking on the sgs clan forums multiple times for updates about it, so i am really happy to finally see it again :slight_smile:

Well I’ll give you the rough layout…
SGC was split between like two or three factions. First off you had the ever present Airheads and Waterheads, both fighting for their own beliefs/concepts. Then you had a lot of issues with the admin team, but that’s all drama and behind us.

Right now most of the SGC guys split off, and are working on their own gamemodes.
Most of the Airheads have moved on and are working on an airship gamemode called LuftKreig.
Karolis[old SGC dev] is working on a 1700’s boat gamemode called Privateer.

This has got a lot of potential, it’d be awesome if it was like Flood but more persistent and stuff. Might be difficult to do what with the limitations on Source map sizes, but yeah.

Hello, there, you seemed to have forgotten Naval 2.
Sitting in my drive, complete…
That one was made for SGC for GM13.

Because every fucking cannon from the ‘Pirate-Ship Era’ deserves a hi-tech keypad! :smiley:

well i am not and never have been a member of sgc i just really liked the game mode concept and wanted to bring it to gmod13

and yes all 1886 warships had 2013 keypads on them

if you got some ideas for period style wire models post your ideas and concepts and i see what i can do

I don’t personally talk to you much, so I don’t really know who’s got what.
All I know is LuftKreig, Privateer, and the old Naval Play gamemodes in the hands of several old admins/devs.

got my snpc working so there is now a shop npc and got crate delivery working
added screen shot to op

Personally I had an idea for Naval RP/Whatnot, but I was never able to finish it due to (I Think) I didn’t the props, would have been awesome though. :V And in my defense, I did probably give up too easy.

WELL share your ideas never know i might use some of them

new pic of stamina system very w.i.p
new pic of me gathering oil from the rig