Naval RP?

I’ve really been wishing someone would make a naval gamemode. Like, with the coastguard, pirates, the navy, traders, fishermen ect. So people can trade goods, have them stolen, sink ships with gcombat and arrest people for doing so.
It would be so awesome!

like the Battle ship - WIP but with fishersguys and tradersmen??? sounds good… all you need is a willing LUA coder, a Mapper and probably a modeller.

sounds decent tbh

Naval Play… SGC made gamemode.

“'ve really been wishing someone would make” I love this so much! Learn lua

I ran a slightly modified lightrp back in 07 and 08. I ran it also this past spring called SailRP.

just go into the internet tab then put in maps gm_naval you will find it


naval rp seems to involve people with small or large phx squares covered in cannons floating around shooting anything that moves…

I’ll say it again… Naval Play, SGC Gamemode…

yep, that’s the one.