Naval Rp.

Just wanted to check in here.

How many Naval Rp’s is there actually?

Now I mean the ones where you build your own boats, set up your gangs, raid and take over.

The reason I’m asking is because I run one of those, it can be found on this ip:

Also needed to ask if there is any addon/mod that makes it able to create gangs/factions.

We have it able for those who cant build or dont feel like it to buy a airboat from the vechicle seller. (Sry if I misspelled that)

It’s a coustom DarkRP, just to make it simple. We got friendly and active admins. Full madcows weapons.
Also if there is something that needs to be fixed then I can be found here also if you ad Pimp_E on steam.

Just wanted to check, tell and ask.

Btw all you little trolls, dont even try to start, dosent “bite” on me.

You have Naval Play. Grand-Daddy which pretty much went off the same idea of Pirate RPs from Gmod 9. Also, it’s not Dark RP… Yes. Creating your own gamemode is something many take seriously around here.

Yeah I know. I dont see it like I created it, I custom made a already existing gamemode to fit the servers needs.

Yeah that’s normal. Some HL2RP servers change the name of the gamemode and add their own small lines of lua into it.
It’s normal, don’t worry

I dont have any prob with it, I custom make the gamemodes for all my/clan Havoc’s server