Naval - The S&box Sucessor to Naval Play

Hello everyone!

I’m Altair, the Project Manager and lead developer for Naval Play 2, and I’d like to announce that our team at SGC-Clan has shifted development towards Source 2 and S&Box in order to create a successor to Naval Play 2.

What is Naval Play?

Naval Play is a vehicle construction and combat gamemode created back in 2008 by and for SGC. So far it has survived all these years and is still in active development!

Set in coastal waters, players build both ships and aircraft to capture resources and fight for their faction using a variety of armaments, oil tanks, fishing, and mining equipment. Although loosely set in the early 20th century, ships and weapons vary from the black powder cannons of the 1700s, to the rotating turrets of the 1930s.

The waters are contested by two main factions, the Royal Navy (Blue) and the French Navy (Red), who fight to capture resources and hold the oil rig and islands. The Pirates (Black) is a smaller faction hostile to both sides.

Oil Rig


Weapons and Damage System

Sernikb2 (our other lead developer) created a modular system for armaments and tools, where weapons can be easily modified and added to the roster. These turrets are plug-and-play, where even new players unfamiliar with Wiremod can get them up and running with minimal effort. Since the majority of our models are made in-house, we’ve already begun porting them to Source2.

The damage system automatically calculates the health of props, allowing player made contraptions to break apart prop by prop in a satisfying way. Because it is calculated by volume, building is less complex than systems like ACF, catering to a more casual player base.

What’s our objective with S&box?

For the next chapter in Naval’s history, we aim to bring the building/combat gameplay loop into S&Box with more features than ever before, and bring the game that we’ve come to know and love to a new audience.

We want S&Box to succeed, and having a gamemode that offers a more focused and constructive sandbox experience will assist in bringing many of the veterans from Garry’s mod, as well as new players.


Loved playing there, happy 12 years!
Hope you get a key soon.

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Ah the times I had in this server, probably the best gamemode I’ve played, the oil rig raids were the best, the most fun you have in gmod servers are when you’re playing them unconventionally, that usually meant you’d be breaking rules, but this gamemode really let you get creative! (buff submarines)

LET’S FUCKING GOOOO (me and the boys)

I am most excited for this to come in S&box, thanks to the sea shader, localized physics and proper welds, which I’ve mentioned exhaustingly in these forums, my dream of building a cruise ship that just circles around the ocean doing nothing but being a big target will finally materialize.


i’d love to see naval play sequel on source 2 :heart_eyes: gl with project


Innovative gamemode, good luck :slight_smile:


I’m doing models and dev for the project, can’t wait to bring it to the next gen. :wink:


It’ll be really interesting to see how wire and all the other mods we are so used to in Gmod would be ported over to S&box.

Might bring back that old “building my first working contraption” feel.

Can’t wait.


Clan name references Stargate, video thumbnail has a Stargate, makes naval combat shooter. Can’t say I’m upset. On the topic of Stargate, I know it’s unrelated, but I doubt many people would know what I’ve been working on.

I figure this is my only chance for someone to recognize the reference.

you certainly will with that polycount


Ooooh, Asgard Transporter :smiley:
Did you get it from Thor?

About Stargate, me doing something related to Stargate on S&box is not out of the question.

Maybe with Amazon buying MGM we’ll see more Stargate soon and with that an incentive to work on Stargate Related Content could come from the community.


I very much want to see the new series Wright is said to be working on. I was already thinking of making a s&box equivalent to CAP in Garry’s Mod just so I can be confident it’s made well instead of letting someone create a sub-par addon.


I’ve been making things a lot more detailed in anticipation for source 2. Can’t wait tbh


Couple that with some good sound design and it’ll be great, love big guns in games that actually sound like giant metal mechanisms.


I’ve also sourced a lot of the sfx we’re currently using. Not sure how many of the new ones are on that video, but they sound pretty chunky. :grin::ok_hand:


Its happening :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

All those models are made by The Big Iron
Map is published as “Islands of Sern”