Naval Warfare

Jacoby6000 and I are proud to announce Naval Warfare!

Official Server:
Download SVN Link:
Rar Download Link:

Overview and History:

We started this project with the intention of bringing back the dead game mode
“Naval Play”, but seeing as the original creators are bringing that back, we need to re-brand.

So thusly let me introduce Naval Warfare! The free to host Naval Play!
We are releasing this game mode in a free to use, download, and modify (for personal use or develop with our permission).
This game mode is completely free to use in any server in any capacity!
(besides claiming it as your own)

The Objective:

Naval Warfare is a game mode based around collecting oil.
There is a oil platform in the ocean that players can battle over, with the intention
of capturing it long enough to fill up their oil tanks and bring them back to their base!
Once they have sold oil, its time to battle!
Basic weapons (personal and ship based) can be bought in order
to engage in direct combat with the other team!


Fully functioning upgrades shop,

Fully functioning weapons shop,

Fully functioning ammo shop,

Credits system,

Custom designed HUD,

Built in no clip restriction ( turns off if other no clip restricting addons are installed ),

Oil transit system,

Custom ship damage system,

and little odds and ends to enhance game play.

Technical Information:

Instructions for installation are in the main game mode directory, as well as some recommended files and instructions on how to use them.

At this point this game is built to play nice with ULX and Falco’s Prop Protection. No guarantees that it will work with others, but with a little knowledge of coding it won’t be hard to fix.

Admins and operators must enter a special “admin mode” to free themselves of the restrictions imposed on regular players. To enter this mode, type “am” in console.

This is very much a first edition build, and we would love to have somebody take over the project (or just add to it).

If you have any questions, or want to ask about contributing to this open project, please contact us in the comments.

If you have a bug to report, please submit it to the bug tracking system on our google code page.

No pics or videos? Or a server even running it?

Adding now.


Things I’ve noted(and hate) from the main server -
You can’t use applyForce turrets, but you usually can use CPU Chips and all that to get the same effect(at higher usage of server resources).
The ports have no protection from each other, and therefore players will come, and bomb you with bomber planes while you build, making it very hard to do anything.
Props cost money… Money that most don’t start out with.

What you saw was likely an early beta, those problems have been addressed.

So are E2 Turrets still banned?

ApplyFoce has the potential to cause a lot of problems in the game. Installing this gamemode will not specifically prohibit the use of ApplyFoce, but our server right now does.

ApplyForce was taken away on purpose. We don’t want things that use ApplyForce, simply because it’s a cheap way to make something do anything you want it to. It’s much more difficult to use thrusters.

CPU is run on the CLIENT, and therefore does NOT use more server processing.

The money thing is simply so people who are new cannot make mega-ships. You have to work your way up. If a person runs out of money, we are more than happy to give them money back, in order for them to keep building.

As far as the ports problem goes, there’s not much we can do about that efficiently. We have simply made rules against it.

EDIT: Also, like zshelley said any features stripped from wiremod are not part of the gamemode, just our server.

Very nice gamemode :slight_smile:

Make some land and air defence turret entities?

It’s a war/sandbox server. We don’t want to make it easy to build something destructive. And if you meant for defense, I would rather that NOT be automated. It’s nice having a gamemode where once in awhile theres a raid on the enemy base. One raid is fine. It gets bad whenever the raid never ends and lasts longer than say 5 or 10 minutes.

Make them destroyable/rebuildable for a cost? Make them unautomated and require manning? Gave people the ability to build static turrets? There are plenty of ways to balance turrets. Limit the fire rate, range, fire style. At the moment this gamemode sounds kind of unbalanced and I think you probably could address the port raids thing if you wanted to.

Reading this quote makes me believe you haven’t actually opened up an E2 in the editor, and looked at it. For new people, E2 is a pain in the ass to learn, but with time you become better at it. Thrusters? Change the numerical value of force, and apply it via Adv_Pod Controller. Simple.
Simple systems could be placed to limit how fast a contraption can move across the water/sky via cores, and you could also apply things like a Triangle of Combat to counteract certain aspects of the gamemode(Planes beat Submarines, Submarines beat Boats, Boats beat Planes ect)

Server latency(and constraints) apply directly to the server processing power. More constraints, more lag. That’s how it works… If you also have more CPU Chips(like ifany and all that) your bound you cause more constraint lag, as well as entity lag. These items do count as props as well.

So the system isn’t flawless, and you just hit the same issue that Naval Play hit. What happens when a user loses all his money, and the port gets bombarded by enemies preventing him, and several others from escaping. Thanks to this the users has now just become unable to fight off the enemy team and is also unable to build thanks to the fact that props cost money.

No damage can be done in ports…? Kinda like how MMO’s work with villages and cities?

And that’s pretty annoying on it’s own. If you are the basking example of what the gamemode should look like, most people will follow in said example.

Need fix Compass and dup bags…

The original expression chip is what got me into programming 6 years ago, and I switched to E2 the minute it came out, so don’t make think I don’t know anything about it.
True, for somebody new to E2, it’s very difficult. But to anybody with even simple knowledge of vectors and any of the applyForces, It’s not hard to make something that would easily annihilate everything on the map.

The triangle of combat is a natural occurance in sandbox games. Obviously subs would beat boats, unless the boats can aim underwater, planes beat subs, because you cant shoot a plane from under water, and boats beat planes because they can be heavier, have a better structure, and have weapons designed to kill them.

Oh, so you meant Gates, that’s different than CPU. CPU chips are run on the client, and it’s basically an expression2 that works in assembler, but can’t do anything outside of math. (The lowest level programming possible)
I hadn’t even realized there were applyForce gates. Thanks for letting me know that, they’re gone on our server now. Anything you can do with gates, you can do with expression 2.

We never claimed it to be flawless, but if there are admins consistently on the server then this isn’t a problem.
As far as the money thing goes, we’ve toyed around with the idea of putting a floor on the amount of money you can have. Like, you can’t drop below say… 1000 credits, or maybe, if you have less than 1000, you steadily get credits back at a reasonable rate.

I’ve thought about that, too and actually want to set that up. I just haven’t taken the time to do it.

I wouldn’t want any server that runs this to have applyForce. Simply because there are smart people that like to be assholes and can do a lot of damage before admins can respond. It’s not part of the gamemode, but it does reflect how we think it should be

All that being said, we still need to add more weapons and do some balancing. The trouble is, we’re both very busy people which is why it’s in a google code repository. We wouldn’t mind people helping out and making improvements.


wat? dup bags? and what compass?

GUI compass not working

Duplicator duplicates a laser gun that can constantly sell and by 1500$ for sale.

I’ll be running this script on my server for a while, feel free to join and check it out. There seems to be very little lag with big ships!!

Is there any way I can give points? I am testing it out and i love it! But some of my testers went overboard and mistakenly bought to much of things. any way to give points?

so there is a kind cvar command list for this gamemode for admins