I’m trying to navmesh a few of the really large rp maps out there, like gm_atomic and rp_cscdesert, however the nav_generate_incremental run literally for HOURS (about 6 hours and then I lose patience, but it still isn’t finished)

I have the feeling that the navmesh generation system catch itself in some kind of infinite loop.

Is there any trick to prevent it from navmeshing the whole landscape in a single pass?

It says nav_generate_incremental limit itself to a certain radius around the mark_walkable seed. but so far it isn’t.

Or is there something else i should enter?

I’ve been thinking about navmeshing by hand the landscape, in a very crude way to “block” nav_generate_incremental from going there but would this work?

Okay here is a little update, it’s navmeshing on rp_cscdesert, i just don’t know what to do anymore, it’s now saying “sampling walkable space” since 14 HOURS ?!

Should i assume it’s pretty much stuck or is it to be expected?

Why are you doing nav_generate_incremental?

What’s the difference between that and nav_generate?

Actualy I did both. It seems incremental has no use in older source engine versions, currently i’m navmeshing on cs source (considering that it has bots i thought it would be a good quandidate)

I’ve tried on left4dead2, in L4D2 incremental is limited in a radius around the seeding point, which was nice , but it kept crashing because L4D2 hasn’t the models textures and stuffs for the map.

in theory nav_generate incremental let you add to an existing navmesh parts it might have missed.

Anyway… does anybody has any kind of experience on this? I mean i’m not gonna even ATTEMPT to navmesh by hand a map like rp_cscdesert , but unless there is some fancy tool i haven’t heard about, it seems that it will never complete the navmeshing, which means the NPC movements will be pathetic at best…

I don’t know what is wrong, i’ve successfully navmeshed necroforest before and it’s a pretty large map too, but it seems that the navmesh takes ages, and then some more everytime i’m trying to navmesh a map with a lot of displacements.

Navmesh for rp_necro_forest_a1

Why are you creating nav meshes? Those maps aren’t setup to run in L4d anyway.

Well so npcs can navigate the map properly, no?

… Don’t tell me that gmod can generate, yet doesn’t use navmeshes?

Gmod doesn’t use navmeshes. It uses the node system.

facepalm -_- i wasted like… 3 DAYS of my life on this…

Okay, is there any way to node a map without having the map source?

map_edit command, however is painstaking and will cost you more days of your life to do it this way, since it’s only really designed for nav mesh editing. Note that some of the maps you mentioned are close to the ent_data limits as it is and adding nodes to a map adds ent data, meaning there may come a point where they simply crash your game.

Okay… so i guess i should forget about it?

You live and you learn.

Of course I do, but it still gives me this “dumb” feeling :smiley: