Navy 2004 Ford Explorer Needed

Haaaay Facepunch. (lol all my posts start like that.)

Anywho, I need someone to make me (or port from somewhere) a Navy Blue 2004 Ford Explorer. I can go take some pictures outside if anyone needs some of the back or straight side, but for now I just pulled some pictures from Google.

Also it doesn’t need to be drivable. Actually, I’d prefer it not.


It being winter and all, ours is…covered in road salt and dirt and shit. But if pictures are used as a reference, that’s cool, because the dirt’ll give it a ‘worn’ feeling.

Uh, if there any questions (which I doubt there will be) just pm me or whatever. So thanks ahead of time, I guess. U:


…also it doesn’t have to be all “oh no resonance cascade derp”

Like, I’m not making an “after half life” map, just a map…of my house.