Navy SEAL agent is Killed in Action.


incredible blood edit :smiley:

Awwww, hell yeah. Thats a lotta blood.
Love how it’s splattered on to the screen too.

Not really a SEAL, since you can see the MARSOC insignia on his shoulder.

As I said, you need to vary the direction of the motion blur, so the blood looks like it is coming from a central point. Other than that, nice work.



Blood needs to be just a tiny bit more liquid.

incredible blood effect

What in god’s name did that fucker get hit by?!


Barrett M82. Fifty meters away. Just a guess.

lol old.

Fuck yeah!!

It was in the first page. I usually reply to things posted on the first page. Is there something wrong with that? Well of course is, because it’s me. If someone else would do it, it would be okay.

it may just be me, but that Humvee looks like it should be on fire or upside down all charred er something, odderwise it looks really good

i love the blood, make a tutorial:)

You evidently don’t know much about that rifle.

Somebody please edit a chestburster into that.

nice blood, but you need to make it go out in all directions rather that just one
good posing as usual and the contrast is a little too much