Navy Seals are moving - model test

looks good but, their neck/top back area looks a little, well hunch back

A bit too much grain but nice posing!

Disney’s Hunchback of Russia-Dame (Or Notre-Russia)

I dont think US navy seals have a british union jack on their shoulder. That would make these guys SBS.

Well, in the game are the Task Force 141 (British,Yanks,Canadians, Etc.) And they have allies Seals in two levels, so they are some real seals and others TF141 soldiers, Hope this help you!

BTW: I hope that the task force 141 have argentinian soldiers!

For some reason I’m loving the rim lightning. Is it model or edit?

Soap looks so depressed

because he always has to participate in those boring poses

Put more skull balaclavas and you will have NAVY SEALZZZ

Why do they have a british flags in their suit if they are navy seals? :stuck_out_tongue:

The grain is a bit much. Other than that I love it.

The posing’s good and all that, but what the fuck’s going on with Soap? He looks like he’s hunching against his rifle, which would be really akward and hard to do if you’re running.

The editing is way too bright and bloomy, the graininess is excessive, and teal-and-orange colour filtering is really overused.

It looks like Soap is trying to break the stock with the side of his jaw lol.

A bit too hunchback on Soap’s part, but otherwise quite decent.