Navy SEALs infiltrate a cargo ship taken over by somalian pirates

I just wanted to make something using those MW2 SEAL models.

Before you ask, the pirate model (the guy that’s about to get his throat slit) is from Kuma War (it’s face and eye posable - yay).

The British flag stands out pretty nicely, being SEALs and all… Not a biggie but still :stuck_out_tongue:

Fuck, I totally missed that.

Let’s just say that that specific guy is british and he just joined the SEALs.

How did you port it?

Nice pose, arty’d. are you going to release that Somalian pirate?

That pirate looks high. Better for him then. Nice pic but did you forget to eye pose the soldier? He doesn’t seem to be looking at the pirate but more over his shoulders.

British SEALs? I don’t think so

I would say that it looks fine. This is just a snapshot, so in the moment, he could have just glanced over the guy’s shoulder, maybe to make sure his allies aren’t looking/aren’t around, since he knows he’s basically already going to have no problem eliminating the guy in front of him.

Let’s just say they’re Royal Navy…

Are you gonna release the Pirate?

where did you get these models?

How can he not hear them?

First, fucking read the OP next time, I said, that model came from Kuma War, I didn’t make or port anything. I just took it from kuma war and put it in my garrysmod folder.

Second, those SEAL models aren’t eyeposable, so I couldn’t have posed his eyes. I tried my best to make it look like he’s looking at the guy with his eyes being stuck looking directly straight.

Oh, sorry 'bout that.