Navy SEALs on an oil rig + Combine raiding a rebel science lab

These are my very first edtis done with GIMP.
“Seek and destroy”

“No leaf clover”

C&c please, need to improve my editing :wink:

Nice but they are too dark

The 2nd pose looks like a 5 minute pose, and you should have used Black Mesa East (Hl2 map) as the lab, since the rebels don’t have high tech labs.

How come?(I just need to improve myself) Isn’t five minutes a little too long for one pose?

You should spend at least an hour posing something.

5 minutes is a bit sort, but who takes an hour to pose one ragdoll?

I have been 1 entire day doing one pose(With breaks between hours ofc), sometimes it takes 1 hour per ragdoll, depending on what kind of stuff they are wearing(Guns, emitters, backpacks w/e), I like to take my time to pose a ragdoll till I think it looks perfect and if later on the pose I see that the ragdoll isnt fitting, I repose it again.

hehe :stuck_out_tongue: ok