Nazi Dustbowl 1973 - Me killing a Nazi.

Call me a maggot. If you do, you’ll make my day.

I eat maggots like you for breakfast.

You have a big mouth. :frog:

It’s so my manly roar may puncture your weak man ears.

You’re NOT a real soldier.
You filthy civvie.

B-but… sir. That Pickelhaube helmet is one of the Second Reich under Kaiser Wilhelm II, it is in no way affiliated with the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler. S-Sir… that man is not a Nazi.


Doe’s gonna be angry at both you and me, I must abandon thread before he tracks down where I live.

First thing that came to mind:


What’s up with the mouth?

Welcome to facepunch Soldier. I see you followed these rules about gmod screenshot.

I see you are a fellow ally under the British crown. I simply followed commands and my command was to kill a nazi medic, this is close enough.

If I am not a real soldier then why do I have that medics head as a medal?!


I told you lizard mouth, so I may destroy your weak little ears!


A soldier follows rules like a 15 year old follows boobs.

Needs more blood and me jumping with my tyrants’ next to you :3:

Oh, it’s on now.

I’m with you bro.

My fight senses are tingling!

Anyway, the pic made me laugh.

We fucking laughed with all fucking office, fuck that was so funny i never laughed so much before. Oh my chest is on fucking pain. This is most funniest of pictures i ever seen. Oh. Ohhhhh. I never ever laughed so loud and long. Ouh. Our director fell into shredder because he laughed so fucking loud so he fainted and fucking fell into shredder and meat goes everywhere.

This is coolest pic i ever seen (and laughed at too). Fucking this is fucking coolest i can’t beleive i see so funniest work fuck shit ooohhhh. I laugh again fuck shit.

Yo’, you forgot the part where I bashed your brains in!

I’ll take both you lizard lips on and still have time to kill the scout.


I can’t forget what never happened. You tried and the bat bounced off my helmet. The photographer got a picture of it. I’ll show everyone what reall happened in a minute.

You still look the same even before 20 years :open_mouth:

It appears that the BLU Medic is wearing a RED Pickelhaube. Would you give us your theory on that, Mr. Doe?