Nazi getting shot by Jeff Goldblum

Greatly edited by DA VMON


Yay. I suck at rain though.

And here’s a pic of Jeff for comparison:

its quite generic but nice. good posing and editing

i guess if jeff was bald-ish then he’d look like that…

Mm, yes.

This is a, uh, very expertly crafted screenshot. Yes.

Read it in his voice damn you

His voice. Oh God, get out of my head D:<

Is that the guy that worked on JP? :o
God he looks old.

The pic looks very very nice, but theres something weird about it :confused: I dunno what.

That’s because he is old :science:

Yee, but I remember him on JP and he looked so young! didnt saw anything from him later on and now that pic?! Its shocking.

Jurassic Park came out in 1993.

Ohhh, I think i saw the Godzilla movie in which he was too lol but I never saw anything from him later on.
Also, rated informative.

Looks like real life, nice work.

How 'bout Independence Day?

oh nice

Nazi gets shot by Doctor Malcolm of Jurrasic Park II fame

shit why is that the only character of his I remember

How could anyone forget

Holy shit! He was in there too right? :confused: My memory sux, but still, he looked quite young there too.

And whats up with all the new Gold members ? :o

Bub? Is that you?

Great posing, Ilwrath, and nice camera angle.

What little shading there is is nice, Vman, and the motion-blur and flash are great. Yeah rain isn’t your strong point though and the shell is ejecting from the wrong side of the weapon.