Nazi Group Picture

The Nazi get together for a group picture

dont like it

Nice Wehrmacht models. Did you get them off FPSBanana?

I like it

It’s meh, posing is okay, and you’re not funny with that guy that passed out on the ground.

Yep. Here’s the link


Sorry about that. There wasn’t enough space on the bench for him so I just did that randomly

Ever heard of the remover tool?

Posing ain’t great, editing is non-existent, bland = bad picture. Sorry.

Let’s see here, posing is bad it looks like you have thrown the ragdolls there and hoped they land the way you want, also the sofa is VERY out of place oh no finger posing either well i’ll give you one half eaten cracker.

I sure hope that picture fits in a box.

Do not want.

My fucking eyes hurt. No filter rape, no lens flares, no bad editing… They just ** hurt **