Nazi Officers

I was wondering if someone could take the Enclave Officer that Nexus Elite made ( and make a hexed skin for it that makes it into a Nazi Officer (I will assume you know what those look like).
If someone could do this it would be very useful, as there seems to be a lack of Nazi officers.

mmkay, i’ll do it, but i cant hex, so i’ll get someone else to, okay?


okay, uploading now

you’ll have to get someone to add bumpmaps with crazy bumps (mine expired a few weeks ago) and hex it


the files included are the body and hat only by the way

Thanks. These are very usefull, I needed these.

Wow, I don’t know where you’ve actually seen nazis.

But the enclave officer jumpsuits look nothing like SS uniforms.

does it matter?


he wanted nazi’s, i made him nazi’s
speaking of which, someone still needs to hex those and give them bumpmaps

It does.

If I want a zebra and you give me a donkey painted to look like a zebra, is it a zebra?

But he wanted nazi’s on that model, so i made him nazi’s, on that model.