Nazi transformer clears out a trench line.

Yes it was made using the World of Tanks Tiger chassis and Maus.


Additional shots of the metal monster.

I guess his another transformation is a tank division? And these midget legs…I’m imagine how he walks while chasing the allies…haha
But it looks cool

haha awesome

Needs bigger legs but the idea and execution is pretty kewl!

I actually like the fact that it’s a midget, makes it look even bulkier.

tiny legs :smiley: very good

If you look closer you’ll see that it has tracks. :v:

Nevertheless, I never expected this entering the read. Mighty well done good sir.

No, he’s one of them combiners, like the Constructicons and Devastator

thats alot of tanks

this is boss

That is ultimately badass.

Where did you acquire the Maus? I certainly haven’t seen Beat The Zombie release it nor mention it.

Now listen to Nazi Dubstep. \o/


I released it but it’s like on page 2

Also this is awesome

That fire effect is pretty nice

I want one. :q:


Well, I’ve checked every last post on the thread, and so far, the only Maus on there is a picture in the OP. Of course, I could be wrong.

Wait, I found the release thread. Thank God for the search function.