Nazi zombie...

Please comment.

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Well this looks dumb, plus the muzzleflash looks way too big and kicking somebody in the head making their head pop off? Stupid. Posing needs work also.

If you notice, Takeo sliced the head first, then kicked the body down.

Work on your posing, and this could be really good. Tell me where you got the ragdolls for Dempsey, Richtofen, Takeo, and Nikolai, please. I’ve been looking forever.

Too much yellow makes my eyes sore.

With all due respect, doesn’t seem like you’ve done much looking.

Yeah, but they aren’t the best ragdolls, so Half-Dead is redoing them with Bloocobalt.

what the fuck

oh look
it is an alternate account of butler

this would be his 5th

um who the fuck are you? not only that, but who the fuck is butler?

ok nevermind brah

ya um… ok then very well

Some of them are awkwardly posed.

Look good for me.
Because I can’t do anything great like this.

hello butler

Uninspired shitty screenshot. Disappoint.

Hey bro,

That contrast slider that you slid all the way to the right?

Don’t do that again.

The Germans mouth is funny…