Nazi zombies attacking and shit

That’s alotta zombies.

Fuck you I was gonna finish my pic first. :argh:

Nah jokes. Hat seems a little big, and I think the hand on the mag should be further up, I dunno.
But I like it, really reminds me of “Dead Snow” , except from the snow. :v:

Title cracked me up:cawg: Someone should tell the soldier he is shooting in the wrong direction. Good finger posing.

He seems pretty relaxed.

Those 'dastardly zombies!

Nice picture overall :slight_smile:

Nazi zombies. Reminds me of “Dead Snow”, Or “Død Snø” in Norwegian. Was really surprised that my country men could make a decent zombie flick.

Ein Zwei Die it said on the cover.

Good movie.

That movie was awful :v:

He’s in deep scheiße

Hard to tell with the blur, but I think you duplicated some of them. :smug:

I am impartial on the muzzleflash. It could be better, but I can stand it.

I want those zombie models so bad

muzzle lacks shape and posing looks stiff
damn you and your models :argh:

join the club

He’s shooting in the wrong fucking DIRECTION!!!