Nazi Zombies in cs_militia

So its one of the first pics I made in Gmod and it has no post processing or editing. Its old as fuck, but I still like it, so I thought about showing it here.

E: Sorry, I missed that thread where you can post pics, but I hope this is ok?

It’s not the worst, but there is a lot if room for improvement. Posing needs work, composition needs to be more balanced, and I don’t understand why there are nazi zombies in a contemporary setting with contemporary survivors.

I was thinking “This is pretty cool” until I saw the hanged zombie and laughed.

Thanks guys, even 2 posts make me happy. Its good to hear that someone likes my screenshot.
And fury, I couldnt get the original 4 characters in, because some idiot reported the file in and now its removed. And I dont like the Nacht der Untoten remake, so I just made one with cs characters. :smiley:
I made two more, now in de_chateau, because I was bored as hell:
Fire trap:
Zombie got shot:
The fire trap one had like 4 more zombies, but the angle was better like that. They are pretty serious, but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously, posing CS characters hands is so hard…

There, copied from the release thread’s OP.
NOTE: Dempsey in this looks… :wtc:

Thanks man :smiley:

Glad I could assist ya! :tiphat:

I made some pics with the new models:

The whole group:
(Nikolai is obviously drunk.)

Tank and Nikolai:
E: Tank smoked some cigars and stciked them to Nikolais nose and mouth.

Tank fights Gman:

I wasnt too serious this time.