Nazi Zombies Server Development!

Hey guys! Lately I have been thinking about Excl’s old JailBreak and Nazi Zombie gamemodes. I was originally going to see what things were not converted from the original version to the Gmod 13 version. So I installed Gmod 12 and looked at both of the gamemodes. I though Nazi Zombies was a good project but it was abandon because people couldn’t be bothered about it. So I have been planning to get the gamemode converted and then heavily edit it so that I can make individual servers as lobbies, just like in the game. But I want people to work on the project with me. I don’t want this to just be my project. So I have put a list of the things that need doing and the people taking part. I have also put up some screenshots of the gameplay to show you what its like. Also if you want to work on the TriZone Project as a hole I need some good LUA coders. Our gamemodes are JailBreak, Deathrun and Nazi Zombies (Maybe Cinema later on). But for now here is what the gamemode is like:

Gamemode Screenshots:

What needs doing:
-Converting to Garry’s Mod 13 (If someone wants to test it in Gmod 12 to see what it was like and how to get it as like it as possible, it still works perfectly with it!)
-Mystery Box model
-Guns on wall’s
-New Guns
-SWEP fixes and modifications (I can do some of that, no sweat)
-Remove really annoying fast zombies (They were not in the original game and are so unfair and annoying)
-Mapping (I think the verison of Kino Der Toten that Excl made was inaccurate and needs re-doing, no offence)
-Pack ‘A’ Punch
-Re-build-able windows/barriers
-Character models and sounds
-Powerup models
-Perk notifications at bottom of screen
-HellHounds models and scripts
-Models striped from Black Ops 1 & 2 (

People currently working on the project:
Arken (Me)

If you are interested and would like to be apart then please PM me and I’ll add you to the list

I can totally help out if you want. PM me for my steam. I don’t have time to fulltime develop, but toss a task or two at me every once and awhile and I’ll see what I can do. I’ve been thinking of this sort of gamemode for awhile, I would love to contribute in making it!

I can help with some of this stuff too.

Specifically the wall weapons and SWEP fixes. Anything Lua oriented.

Add me on steam and I can get started.

If it doesn’t have a hulking hitler boss then it won’t be complete.

So do you won take part in the project :D?

Your pictures are not working, reupload them to imgur or something.

They were up yestarday. I think the host server is down for maintenance. But I will also add a video!

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The pictures are back up!

i might be able to help with mapping, also this allows you take models from bo1 and 2 you would just need someone who can take source maya files and save them for source.

Awesome thanks! I will add it to the to-do list and ask for someone to do it! I can’t because I don’t have BO2 on PC and I un-installed my BO on PC

Anyone else won help? We need someone to convert the gamemode too!

I’m taking care of it, it’s almost done. If you need help coding something new though, I can take a look at it.

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K, this is currently playable, most stuff is fixed (the code parts, there’s lots of stuff that remain broken, such as sounds).

But before I upload it, I need to take care of a few things. For example, I need something to wipe all the ragdolls from each round so it doens’t crash GMod every 5 rounds.

Well, I will help and I got BO2 on my pc yust say what I need to do with it because I never modelled.
and [POR]Shoterxx if I can help add e on steam

You used _Newbees jailbreak menu.

No his menu was different on Nazi Zombies. We are using Excl’s Nazi Zombies, a project he made just before Jailbreak. But Excl is an amazing gamemode creator!

I’m just curious since I’m looking at older gamemodes, you torrented Garry’s Mod 12, right?

Cool, nice work man!

Unfortunately, due to my crappy internet quality today, I can’t upload the fixed version just yet.

Here’s the change log anyway:

-Now works on GMod 13 (yay…);
-There should be no more massive lag after 4-5 rounds;
-Only one zombie skin shows up (all the other were broken);
-You’re no longer able to see your own legs (disabled it to prevent errors, still have to take a deeper look at it);
-Fixed an exploit where you could use your knife at an extreme fire rate;
-Fixed knife damage not being correctly timed with the animation;
-Custom Fonts no longer work (I don’t know how to use them in GMod 13);
-Fixed case (hopefully) where zombies would have their normal headcrab look and purple coloration.

Know issues:

-Sometimes, the message pop-up just randomly shows up saying “Unidentified”. I have no idea what triggers it;
-Using the knife will glitch the quick weapon switch;
-The grenade icon texture is missing, it’s not on the content;
-The Quick Revive won’t work ( but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t supposed to, since there’s no revival feature built yet);
-Re-using a machine will take your money again, but won’t give you anything in exchange.

I know allot of them problems. I will fix the legs I have a addon for that. Also the Unidintified used to be random tips and I found out how to fix it. Also, the quick revive doesn’t work in Gmod 12 so it was obliviously never finished. And aswell it originally re-took your money if you use the perk machines again. But things like the quickknife issue and models issue must be fixed!

Thanks for all your hard work!

I can do all these things. I’ll add you.

I have already fixed the notifications (Unidentified). Easy!