Nazi Zombies

[release] :s:Nazi Zombies:s: [/release]

[release] Concept
Trying to make it as similar to the Black Ops: Nazi Zombies game as possible. :v:
:siren:Mod is in a early beta state:siren: [/release]

[release] The team

** Coders**

  • NewBee
  • Bummie
  • Stan


  • Taux

** Modeler**

** Importing sounds/models/textures**

  • Hunger Johnson[/release]

[release] Media[/media]

Feel free to post suggestions:quagmire:


I’ve recently been working on a nazi zombies mod, and its gone downhill, i could send you the WIP maps

Interesting , do the zombies actually climb over the props and destroy them?

They destroy the barricades, but got no animation for the climbing.

It’s still in alpha everyone, its not even done yet ><

Suggestion mmm add diferent types of zombie models? i mean they all would be nazi but with small variations on them

The map’s too bright.

Map if far from done yet.

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Yea, it’ll come. Didn’t want to download all the models while testing.

Isn’t alpha after beta or is it the other way around

[release]A: Alpha
B: Beta[/release]

I was thinking about making a mod like this, although keeping it more of a “fun” other than a “clone” aspect. Like the level your making is Kino der Toten, but nobody really wants another level like that because they already played it, they want a new map.

A map I’ve been working on, just started it yesterday actually

Wow that last screenshot looks just like Nazi zombies! [/sarcasm]

The hud looks good :slight_smile:

No. It looks awesome. But seriously, that’s a pretty cool HUD.


Not impressed.

I have no idea why MerzBro just Cubar’d you, Alpha comes before Beta.
I kind of remember Minecraft being Alpha before becoming Beta.

I was playing on your server earlier, and it was just random people deathmatching with no zombies. I hope to see some real gameplay action up some time.

Yea, the server is running an old version of it. Gonna password it.

sigh… wouldn’t this be stealing Activision’s idea… forget making a clone of nazi zombies, make it BETTER