nBot - Simple aimbot by Nautical

-=UPDATE=-Current Version - 0.9.1

The nBot

The nBot is a simple aimbot that can be used in different types of game modes, and by most users. All for fun, of course! No harm intended here, besides it’s not that complicated.




Features include;

ESP/Text Options:

  • Name
  • Distance
  • Team
  • Simple Skeleton (Kinda like walls)
  • View Angle
  • Entities (for the most part)
  • Head Marker
  • View Detection (Are they looking at you?) (Also markers turn red when they see you)

Aiming Options:

  • Speed/Position Offset
  • Auto Shoot. when looking at head.
  • Aim fixer
  • Player Selection
  • You can aim at the player’s head who is closest to your cross hair, for as long as you hold the key down


  • Simple Graphical Interface
  • Multiple tabs for easy organization


  • Add selectable body parts [easy]
  • Better cross hairs
  • Autoload problems
  • Features
  • Suggestions?


lua_openscript_cl autorun/nBot.lua


Hello Peoples!
	Nautical's NBot is a simple aimbot, to be used in most servers/gamemodes. 
	NBot will not work with script enforcer *tear* so if it's 
	on in this server, you wouldn't be reading this! :3
	-Bind a key to "+nBot", for example 'c'; bind c +nBot
	-Bind a key to +nBot_Options, like above.
	-Hold down your +nBot_Options key to view the aimbot options, and 
	customize it!
	-Hold down your +nBot_aimon to aim twards the person you're 
	closest to aiming at, or if you have any other options on,
	it will aim at your selected settings.

**SVN: ** http://nauticalbot.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/
**GMOD: ** http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=59707

Looks really nice! Downloading now :huh:

Lol thanks. All original code too, by the way

EDIT: sept for I think one function, though I can’t remember where I got it. I think possibly from the wiki, but most certainly not from anyone elses aimbot. I made note of it in the code, it’s around the middle.

Impressive, I did have the
Problem though, you should get that fixed quick

I put that into console right?

Looks good.

I have a thread started about it, a few hours prior, hopefully with the help of a few more knowlegable people we can get it sorted out soon and I can release the full version. P.s. I’m on my phone right now so I’m limited as to what I can do/type.

If it’s not working where do i put lua_autorun_cl autorun/nBot.lua, because i’m :downs:

Just in the console. And it’s lua_openscript_cl autorun/nbot.lua

oh really? well shit, it didn’t work

Ah, meant lua_openscript_cl , again, sorry; on my phone. Bad typer.

I’ve taken a look at the code, and all I can really do is sigh. Your code is horrible. You manage to go wrong starting at the second line of code when you start using global variables for everything. Stop using global variables for everything! There’s really no need to shit all over the concept of scoping your variables appropriately. What the hell did the principle of properly scoping variables ever do to you? It didn’t deserve to go out like this.

Jesus christ, I thought we were over the era of using Think hooks and SetEyeAngles() for aimbots. If you want an aimbot that doesn’t suck use CreateMove. Think runs slowly enough that by the time you add a slow, shitty ESP (you know, like the one nBot has) the results start to suffer. Seriously. Cut that shit the fuck out, dude.

Furthermore, your aimbot fails miserably when non-standard models are used, making it almost entirely useless for both prophunt and suicide barrels. How about you act like a big boy and use OBBCenter when LookupBone returns nil. Moron. It is incapable of shooting at anything that isn’t a player, making it totally useless for prophunt when you should be shooting at an sent!

Client ConVars
For some reason, you call CreateClientConVar every single time you want to use it. Why not do that once at the top of the file? As it is you’re calling it 8 fucking times in HUDPaint alone, which is fucking retarded. STOP IT.

What the fuck, why did you even bother with this? Is a classic wallhack too hard to implement? Make chams or something, it’s stupidly easy and can be done with a RenderScreenspaceEffects and the use of CreateMaterial. Dear God, what a useless, ugly feature. The skeleton doesn’t even work with models that don’t have bones. Useless for prophunt and suicide barrels, among other things.

Apart from the godawful code you use for filtering (Jesus Christ), this is possibly the best code in the file, not that that says much, mostly because ESPs are shit-simple. The placement of your text sucks but that’s mostly personal preference and if you really want to be a masochist then, well, have fun.

Besides the obvious lack of support for prophunt and suicide barrels, it also has shitty support for teams. All you need is a check for GAMEMODE.TeamBased which will work on a large majority of gamemodes, and from there you can stop things like shooting at teammates. It isn’t hard. DO IT. This bot has horrible support for many gamemodes.

This bot has done almost nothing that hasn’t been done before. It has essentially no redeeming factors except a derma menu for ease of use. Everything else is poorly coded, implemented, or severely lacking in support for gamemodes.

Why did you even bother releasing this? The only reason anybody would ever bother releasing a piece of shit like this is for attention, as that is what just about any aimbot is guaranteed to get. Do what the big boys do and keep this shit to yourself, you’re just enabling a horde of faggots until the big servers add the one fucking line to their anti-cheat scripts that it will take to defeat this. Go do something productive with your time, like learning how to not suck at Lua, rather than making pathetic attention grabs like this one.

Lol can you make a better one?
I mean you can talk the talk but what about walking the walk?

Hahahha probably just LPine or Conna :smiley:

I always liked those two… little attitude never hurt anyone :smiley:

In short… EPIC

Very Epic

What, so telling you people how to make it better isn’t enough, and I have to actually provide code for faggots to copy paste? I’ve given more than enough feedback to allow iNautical to fix the shortcomings (of which there are many) of his bot and turn it into something that isn’t terrible. Nobody learns if they get the code handed to them on a silver platter. I did more than telling him that it sucked, I told him how to fix it. That’s all the walking I’ll be doing, and it should be more than enough.

lol i was saying can you make a entirely new one that’s better than his.
Then ill call you a lua king.

If noone is on the server, i get this - Hook ‘catchme’ Failed: autorun/hacks/nBot.lua:341: attempt to index global ‘lastperson’ (a nil value)

  • Can’t aim on NPC’s
  • Too slow Triggerbot

[Making Viedo for someone1 - Aimbot has to be better than this]

  • Distance is fucking ugly ( math.floor() )
  • Autoshoot doesn’t work
  • Autoshoot enabled fucks everything up ( can’t hold props with physgun )


  • Aim on dead people

he’s probably trolling, look at his account name. Good work iNautical nevertheless.

lol yea we’ll see if he lives up to the name lol.

  • Where is my LuaKing? :V

Viedo in HD

Viedo in HD
My motto: HeadShot - Only one shot will kill!

I was too lazy to record nBot, but the aim sucks, specially while walking.

  • The errors i mentioned 3posts above.