NCR hold there trench while tidying up a bit


Typo in title, sorry im sleepy
it’s THEIR not THERE

The posing is good and the editing is great, nice work with it!

You are very fond of trenches my friend.

aye. love em’

The area above the troops cleanign up seems bland, or like something’s missing. Otherwise it’s great

Shoulda added tracers, Oh wellz:pwn:

otherwise it’s fantastic. :slight_smile:

Very nice.

Very nice, but the left bottom is empty a bit.

:zoid:thanks guyz


(I loot everything in Fallout.)

The coloring reminds me a lot of new vegas.

I was going for that :quagmire:

Beautiful. The map seems a little empty though, tracers, as you said, would’ve helped immensely. Still awesome.

Also, if you can, any timeframe for the release of those NCR soldier Boys?

thanks mate,
Also, Im not too sure on the release, if being released.

Why are all these crates filled with medical clipboards and ashtrays!?

I feel like the blood splurt is copy and pasted, like the whit behind shouldnt be there there should be the guys armor