NCR patrol exploring an old base, stumble across a problem


Dark, yeah. so was the map, and an old base would be dark too? :v:

Fucking dinosaurs.

Goddammit. :v:

Don’cha just hate that? One minute you’re walking along, enjoying a nice old base when BAM! Dinosaur out of fucking nowhere.

Well, It’s a Zombie dinosaur at that.

I like dinosaurs.


is that really NCR?

yeah, here’s the original

oh cooool even better


Ha ha, this is awesome. Some thing’s weird about the computer terminal on the wall though, looks like it’s just floating about an inch away from the wall.

well, it isn’t floating an inch away, it’s welded to the wall, just has no shadow :v:

That would explain it. :v:

I’d prefer to think that it’s a zombie muslim dinosaur.
Then it will be even scarier!


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nvm refresh and it’s gone

me rikey

Now hold on, NCR Trooper Models? By the Emperor please tell me they’re released, please.

Other then that, the picture is very nice, if it wasn’t for the floating terminal I’d have a new desktop picture.

[sp] secret [/sp]

Love dramatic lighting :3