NCR trench with a Burning tank (first stitch)

wish I could to better, but meh. First try

I think you did a good job with the stitch. I also love the NCR skin for the M1.

Argh the barbwire, she be ugly.

Apart from the barbwire and tank clipping the ground, its quite good

this stitch is smaller than my monitor

the motion blur on your mud or whatever it’s supposed to be is too uniform - particles don’t move like that
the rest is okay-ish. composition, lighting and colour are all pretty bland though

Thanks :smile:

Sexy picture. The Abrams is beautiful, even though it doesn’t fit entirely with the NCR. I can not wait for the, possible, release of these Troopers.

The lack of shadows is really bringing this down for me man. Half of the soldiers look like they’re floating because there’s no real sense of depth to them.

They finally get their hands on some nice prewar tech and it ends up a burning shell of what it was once was, crudely spray-painted with the two headed bear.

Kinda like what they do with prewar government.

What map is this?

Great picture, and I love this series of trench warfare pictures. I’d like to see the next one perhaps from a different angle, maybe a side perspective that shows the trench from a slightly elevated perspective.