Near death effect?

Well I have been searching everywhere but I can’t seem to find an addon that automatically enables some kind of near death effect (blurry screen, view slowly turns black and white, etc) when the player has low health. Anyone know where I can find one?

you could do this yourself but im trying to learn Lua so i guess i can give this a shot

That would be great, but still, anyone who knows any near death effect addon please tell.

try this, I haven’t tested it, and never used some of these functions so look out for errors :P.

[lua]var_NearDeath = 0

local function ComeAgains()
if localPlayer:Health() <= 25 then
var_NearDeath = 0
var_NearDeath = 1

local function PostProcessing()
local EleToGo = {“bloom”}
if( !var_NearDeath ) then
return table.HasValue(EleToGo, element)
return false

hook.Add( “PostProcessPermitted”, PostProcessing )
hook.Add( “Think”, ComeAgains )[/lua]

Should make your screen blurry when ur lower than 25 health…