Necrid (Soul Calibur II)

Can someone port him over from the gamecube game?
Preferable for it to be the second costume. I like it better.

Not a bad idea, it’d be cool to see him in Gmod.

We’ve been having discussions here about bringing Soul Calibur characters into Gmod for awhile. Most of the people who’d be working on it are all still busy with other projects at the moment, however.

well i was working on seong mina cervantes Cassandra sophitia and my FAVORITE voldo :slight_smile:
thx to a little hook up from mario kart i took his idea on making a hd ivy i did the same with cassandra heres a look lol “told u i would do it” :stuck_out_tongue:

and heres the 2nd costume for necrid and he on all systems lol i dont like him tho :confused:

Ooh, Cassandra! I always loved her 2p outfit in 2. :stuck_out_tongue: She looked so cute in it and that exposed upper leg was just plain sexy to me. :smiley:

the models r done Well 95% done :stuck_out_tongue: the fingers r hard to work around but thats no problem i dont know how to make ragdolls or face pose or anything lol so i dunno :<…

When the model is rigged you have to compile it following a text document. I’m still learning how to do that, I have a couple of projects unfinished because I don’t have much free time now.
Try to use mariokart64n’s tutorial to see how this works.

  1. Cool
  2. Necrid needs that weird metal thing, it definetly blends the energy ball in his chest well.
  3. Voldo? Really? I mean his second Soul Calibur 2 costume was cool, but he’s creepy… in all ways…

If anybody wants it, I’ve got the model for Ivy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oo nice, I’ve always liked Cervantes…it’s hard to go wrong with dual sword wielding undead pirates. I don’t recognize that costume for him though. Oh and of course the stripperific chicks are a nice plus too. Would you by chance be including Zasalamel?

That’s his classic Soul Calibur 2 costume.

Oh, I didn’t play much of 2. The platform exclusive characters were cool but it otherwise seemed too much like SC1.

I love ivy, shes so hot! great stuff


Somebody rig dat shit.

Somebody you know already has. >.>

damn i wanted to work on her next :c

While we’re at it, would it be possible to rip models from Soul Calibur 3 as well? That way we can get Zasalamel, Tira, Sigfried, etc.

unfortunately Soul calibur 3 doesnt work well on emulators so it isnt possible tho u can get it from sc4
im half way done with necrid im gunna make a original version and a hd version of his 1st costume

ps: in Soul calibur 2 nightmares 3rd costume shows sigfried in his normal human form :stuck_out_tongue:

Ripping from SC4 would be even more awesome. HD Ivy and Shura ftw.

Actually, I’m curious as to if it’s possible to rip custom characters, too…if it was that would be incredible. :smiley:

You can if you like, though it strange i cant seem to find her defult one, do you know that might be?

Also when you import them, did you have to move some parts back together, like armor pieces being somewhere else and you need to reassign them?