Necro Forest: The IMAX Experience

HD Link:

Runtime: 5 Minutes 20 Seconds

Screenshot of the Project in Sony Vegas:

I estimate the time invested in this project was 30 Hours+. You can read about the music and programs used on YouTube.

The story is somewhat incoherent, we are aware of the flaws, but did this in a hurry over a weekend, so I’m pretty happy with it nonetheless.

I only take credit for the editing and recording of this machinima.
All Maps/Models were downloaded from


// zhrooms

Great edit, but the story is very jumpy, make it more… understandable?

28 Weeks Later much?

Work on the material and the angles a bit more.

Angles were a bit annoying. Good work though! You might have been better off cutting it a little short. The music was a bit long and didn’t fit the 15 hour fight scene. It just felt like it was repeating. Only problems though! Keep up the good work.

An Abrams does have a 7.62 machine gun it fire, and it certainly couldn’t fire 1 round per 2 seconds.
You need real voice actors.
Despite that, it was good, fairly decent angles, keep up the professionalism.