** These models are awesome with ingame lightning! **

To bad it is so small.

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My music choices are so awesome.

I love this picture, really gives me the feel of death and destruction.

Fancy editing. I like it.

Oh wait just read opening post in more detail. Whatever, still awesome!

damned cool.

Necromancy is a very powerful magic. We don’t have it yet/anymore, but the future could wash up all sorts of flotsam and jetsam onto the shores of this world.

Definitely awesome, looks creepy and powerful in the Sauron-sort of way.

Would fit well in an RP mod (if the lighting is somehow “portable”, like a lamp in the luminous spots)

Yay chesty likes it! :smiley:

But still only 58 views!

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On the right is a small bar with replies and views.

Oh. K. Haven’t paid attention to it, just the replies right next to it :D.

Nice. Love the glow.

Thank you for all comments :dance:

wow cool.My eyes are xploding right now =D

There was a game with necromancer models,do you know the name of the game?

Dark messiah?

The only one I know of is Dark Messiah, but also Oblivion has a few.

“necromancer model”, as if a necromancer is something you’re bound to look like under certain conditions, is a funny thing to say, really

Necromancers don’t have to be undead themselves, they just use magic based on reanimating the dead.