Dead Space … Necromorphs … NAO!

Okay, heres the big shmeel:

Necromorphs from Dead Space, you know the alien lifeforms that are recumbant and infect corpses to reproduce? Yeah … those things… They are called Necromorphs…

Anyways I don’t have any pics of the creatures, but here are some of the different Necromorphs that only I can describe and hopefuly if anyone does choose to model these, I’ll give you some details.

Slasher -
The slasher necromorphs sole purpose is to kill more humans for the infectors to infect. Their long, scythelike arms are razor-sharp and lightning quick. Because they’re the result of transformed humans, they still walk upright and can be incapacitated by severing their legs.

Guardians -
The guardians are thusly named because they almost always appear next to doors or passages. These necromorphs are always attached to walls and lash out with their short tentacles. Their most dangerous attack, however, is a long distance attack.

Infector -
Infector necromorphs have winglike appendages that help them hover over head bodies while they infect it and create necromorphs. Because their sole purpose is to infect dead bodies, they often won’t attack you until after they’ve infected all the dead bodies in the immediate area.

Pregnant and Swarm Necromorphs -
These bulbous beasts have long, scythelike arms with razor sharp blades for hands.

Lurker -
The three-tentacled creatures are named for their tendency to lurk in areas and wait for you to approach. They are the result of tranformed juveniles.

Leaper -
LEapers are named for their propensity for leaping from wall to wall as they approach.

Divider -
Dividers are tall, lanky humanoid necromorphs. They’re not as fast as prego’s and they don’t have sharp bladelike arms like Slashers, When destroyed the divider divides into small spiderlike creatures that can swarm you quickly.

Brute -
The huge behemoth sized brutes are fast, armored, and extremely strong. Capable of running through thin walls and double-thick glass and busting through bulkheads, these creatures are among the toughest.

Exploder -
Exploders are smal hunchbacked suicide-bomber necromorphs. Because they are meant to destroy themselves by explosion, they are the most efficient.

Twitcher -
Twitchers are the result of transformed military units. When soldiers equipped with stasis modules were transformed by infectors, the resulting necromorphs were stronger, faster, and extremely erratic in their movement.

Hive Mind -
The Hive Mind is the alien that telepathically controls all the others. It’s a building sized creature that dwells inside planets.


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