Necropolis - Epidemic Roleplay

Necropolis is an established roleplaying community, dedicated to bringing a twist to the many roleplaying formats across the Garry’s Mod scene - zombies! The community higher-ups have got a good deal of experience with management and administration of both servers and communities at large; Necropolis is run professionally and empathically by people who’ve come from all areas of Garry’s Mod roleplaying. Like other popular communities, Necropolis prides itself on quality of roleplaying - if you’re looking for a competitive race to amass cash or guns, Necropolis won’t be for you, but if you roleplay for the love of crafting a character and telling (or just getting involved in) a story, Necropolis is perfect!

Set in the year 2013, the eponymous Necropolis is New York City - once the “Crossroads of the World”, now the metropolis has succumbed to that favourite epidemic; an infection which creates mindless monsters out of men. The Necropolis story itself can be found on our forums, and it details the world you’ll step into if you join our community - in an alternate history where the Cold War never saw an end, NATO and the USA have come together as the Western Alliance, a united front against the Coalition of Socialist Republics; China and Russia its central powers. During the summer of 2012, the world as humanity knew it ended - a terrorist group known as the New World Order unleased weapons of biological terror, devastating the human population, and days after this first attack the first notes of apocalypse played - the infection spread. Since then, the remaining pockets of humanity have engaged in countless wars and alliances amongst eachother, from simple gang wars to the bombing of Brooklyn during a war between an organisation of raiders and the army.

Players are invited to become “survivors” of the infection which turned New York City into the Necropolis; those who were lucky enough to remain untouched by the virus. The infected are real and pose a genuine threat to players, so survival relies as much on finding players as does the roleplaying elements of the community. Your own survivor can be anything, from an abandoned child to an ex-cop, as long as they’re prepared to face the dangers of the Necropolis. There is also a plethora of other factions to choose from, ranging from the American Military to your typical, Fallout-styled raiders. Players can also play as the infected in the city, and pose an interesting threat to those who have thus far avoided the virus.

Our “zombies” are not the living dead so much as they are humans stripped of all emotion but rage and madness - taking a cue from sources like 28 Days Later or even Left 4 Dead, the infected of Necropolis are still “alive”, but the infection has stripped them of anything but aggression and hate for anything which still thinks for itself - they mindlessly chase prey, or fight amongst themselves, but a bullet will stop them just as surely as it would stop any other man. Some strains of the virus cause mutation beyond the normal - pre-existing medical conditions or drugs are adapted by the infection seen in Necropolis, and from this the more unique classes of infected can be found; we have in-game equivalents to the “special infected” of Left 4 Dead, as well as the facilities though which players can apply to play their own unique monsters.

We’ve got our own specialised (and pretty impressive) roleplaying gamemode, Epidemic, designed by Rick Dark (of DarkRP and TacoScript fame) - it’s an advanced, GUI-driven beast, and its features include…

[li]A familiar and easy-to-access chat system, with commands instantly recognisable to any roleplayer (and easy to learn for those new to the gamemode).
[/li][li]A relatively high number of custom-made individual character models, a large text limit for descriptions (titles), and statistic tracking for your Steam account.[]A recognition system; before you know someone’s name, you’ll only know what they look like - acknowledge people by their physical characteristics before you learn their name for improved immersion and realism.[]Various weapons, from pistols to fire axes to high-powered rifles.[]Graphics-based inventory system - drag items from your pocket to your backpack and interact with all your possessions through an attractive, innovative inventory screen.[]Unique equipment system; players can equip one primary weapon (or melee weapon) and one sidearm (or smaller weapon) - these are visible on your back or hip, respectively. Reloading is managed manually, allowing you to choose from which ammunition box to take your bullets.[]Scripted zombie NPCs - they scream and moan; they react realistically to noise (gunshots, yells, lights, et c.); they’re aware of each other; they chase down and attack players; and they wander mindlessly when idle. However, player-controlled infected are still featured heavily and roleplayable.[]Player attachment designs, allowing weapons to be visible on your back or hip, cigarettes to be smoked, and glasses/hats to be worn.[]Dynamic animation options, allowing players to choose their pose or interact with the environment through our custom-made and easy-to-use context menu.[]An accessible third-person view that can be easily toggled on or off.[]An optional in-script colormod used to help increase atmosphere.[]A proper radio system, allowing long-range communication dependent on a radio item and set frequencies.[]New ways to define your character, with a wide arrange of model options from the start, as well as lengthy physical descriptions that you don’t have to re-write every time you change them.[]New content thought of and developed on a daily to weekly basis; new things are always being added and you can make suggestions yourselves.

So what are you waiting for? Necropolis has gathered a dedicated and inviting community, and everyone is welcome to join. Below is some essential information you might want to investigate.

[li] The Necropolis Forums (or, right away, a link to Registration!)
[/li][li] Our main server IP: - you might want to download the Content Packs (pack 1 and pack 2) and the server’s map (link).

And some screenshots, to give you a fair idea of what it looks like in-game. Yes, Epidemic creates those cinematic bars at the top and bottom.
These screenshots are from an earlier version of the script, which is constantly changing, there are user taken screenshots below these.

Recent screenshots from our users:

I can’t stop walking into the wall. Please post tutorial. Only played for a few minutes. Most excellent presentation and script though.

How’s the optimization?

Server can stay up 24/7 provided everything is going 100%

The server can easily handle the amount of zombies in the above screenshot.

Alt = Autowalk


This server is a good one. I speak without bias.

This server’s worth putting the time into downloading a content pack and map for. Highly recommended.

hey guys i heard that necropolis was rp

this man speaks the truth.

I’ve just joined the server, and i’m getting this wierd overlay which makes it hard to see. i have downloaded and installed both server packs and the map. Any idea what it is and how to fix it?

Go to the forums, it’s been a problem since beta and there’s a guide to fix it.

Necropolis is a very good roleplaying server, the populance and admins are very welcoming to other sorts of Roleplay, but sometimes you’ll be greeted with a server full of isolation, although this could be my fault due to I don’t seek it out when they’re in groups and preferably roleplay with someone else.

Watch out for player infected, they can either turn you into another infected (If it’s considered legit by Locust, the Owner of the server.) or eat your heart out.

I wish for me to play a player infected some day :3:

Frankly, I’ve been playing for a while and the only thing that keeps me is the script. The level of roleplay there is okay, but for the most part you cannot get involved unless you add an admin on steam friends. Even then, you have to suck up a lot. Locust and Sorin run the server as if it were Nazi Germany. Any slight arguements or questionings are slapped down.

Evidently you haven’t tried to get “involved”.

As a member of the community, you’re fully entitled to your own opinion, although I’ve honestly yet to see someone by the name of “Red Toaster” playing on the servers (if you go under a different name, do tell), and if you had made any attempt to become more involved, you yourself would easily have found both infected and H.E.C.U applications waiting for you to fill in. If you didn’t want to become either, there are masses of survivor cells all waiting to accept new members.

In terms of being an admins friend means you’ll immediately get benefits, that’s entirely untrue, Locust and Sorin probably will do something Nazi esque and remove both the admin and the player if they found out that an admin was being biased (much the same way they completely removed all weapon spawning permissions from them because there was suspicion regarding them giving them out for free).

Your points are also incredibly general, and I could slap them on to any other roleplaying community I see. If you have anything to say this board is only visible by Senior Administrators, and it’s designed for use by you as a player.

My arguments were raised early on in the server’s development, and I was promptly banned and made into a pariah. My concern was that roleplay as usual in Garry’s Mod, centered around weapons and killing zombies too much, as opposed to a realistic post-apocalypse, where it should be centered around survival (whether scavenging, building a working home or trying to escape a populated urban center).

A few friends have tried it recently, and it’s pretty much the same thing so I’m told. Oh well, people donate to them, they get their money. Life goes on.

Well, the server had a wipe recently due to an update, so everyone’s guns are gone - and then the majority of the admin-led faction bandits got guns first, with the rare, occasional armed survivor (and, cough, suck ups) completely overpowered by several asshats with shotguns and automatics. You keep telling us to travel in groups, but for fuck’s sake - what good is that if no one in the group is able to even defend it?

A good majority of the admins are also quite frequently biased about the littlist things. An admin on their infected character corners me and another player, and says in LOOC, ‘Oh look, two of the community’s biggest weaboos in the same spot.’ I tell him that one of their SAs, Locust, could be considered a much-hated ‘weaboo’ and thus they’re being a stereotyping asshole towards one of their own staff, much less god knows how much of the community. The admin proceeded to grab me with his physgun and just toss me away like a minge. Didn’t help that he proceeded to run over to me, punch me once via their infected SWEP with no roleplay or reason, then ran off like nothing happened. Their character’s name was “Loner”.

Quite frankly, Necropolis was made by ex-TnB players and staff. And now it’s turning into TnB - with Left 4 Dead style infected, a not-so-clear canon storyline (that we’re expected to strictly adhere to despite the fact that it’s generalized), and, pardon me for ignoring what you said Kamern, but favoritism out the fucking wazoo.

Despite both communities being generally really poor, I respect TnB more than Necropolis. In terms of population, I think most others agree with me.

Apologies mate, but I’ve yet to see one official complaint from you regarding this matter, evidently you care little of the fact that Glent didn’t roleplay properly, nor do you care that he abused his admin. You understand I’ll do everything with whatever power I do actually have to prevent anything like that happening provided I know about it.

Issues cannot be resolved if we don’t know about their existance, we’re not omnipotent.

You understand my position, though - I hold no power as an administrator over this community, yet when people start pulling complaints out of the air in public threads to demean a community which has no idea of the complaints existance pisses me off to no end. Doing what you did is what some people call extremely underhanded and generally that isn’t a good trait to portray no matter who you are. Talk to us, we’re here to listen.
If you’re afraid of coming to the administrators or leaders of the community, come to me, I’m not an administrator, I can’t do anything to you, but I can help resolve problems from within the community itself.

Also, as for the not-so-clear canon, read this:

wow seriously, haha

i guess i offended the weaboo