Necropolis - Epidemic Roleplay

Pretty fun. Needs more items around the map though.

Because neither of us really care about most of the member’s gay drama half of the time, because most of the time it’s stupid, unfounded and pointless. For instance, two examples in this thread are Rikoh and Toxilium. Rikoh is complaining about an administrator and making a big deal out of it yet I don’t think anyone actually got a complaint from him informing us about the incident. In fact, the only time I’ve actually heard of him is when a bunch of people found him cybering in the middle of the server and made fun of him. Toxilium joined the server once, was punched by a minge, and proceeded to leave and tell absolutely everyone on his friendlist we sucked because he thinks himself some kind of movie critic because he writes Batman stories and atrocious writing guides.

If you complain to us about an administrator or a problem, we do something. If you go around crying and being stereotypical dramatic roleplayer #593 then yes, we’re not going to pay you much heed.

Roleplay communities are very much just a ‘try it yourself’ thing. People who get banned, don’t do anything about their issues or don’t bother getting involved tend to jump on these threads as some kind of shitstorm bandwagon. If you make an effort to get into a community it’s pretty fun, in my opinion, though ofcourse my opinion is biased. Try it yourself.

Necro has better roleplay than TnB, but TnB has more people. both have shitty admins and are both lame IMO.

I still don’t quite understand what you are trying to come to.

[li]Necropolis has better RP then Taco ‘N’ Banana[/li][li]Taco ‘N’ Banana has more people[/li][li]Both have shitty Admins (Welcome to Administration/Moderation btw)[/li][/ul]
And both are lame

Did you really need to post that?

You seem like a great admin, keep it up.



i joined this server and then that glent guy and i had sex i think it great server!!!

(User was permabanned for this post ("Gimmick" - Nori))

(User was banned for this post ("Reduced" - Nori))


Lol you’re forgetting the entire Gmod roleplay community ranges from people of ages 10 - 19 in most cases.

Nothing is going to be absolutely perfect.

More like 7-15

on Dark RP servers maybe

I think it looks cool.

My first impresson of the server was :hawaaaafap: .

That seems unnecessarily pernickety.

I’d be happy to discuss any issues you have with Necropolis, by the way, because as far as I know they never were brought to the attention of anyone in senior administration. What I know is what Locust’s said; something happened on the server that caused you and Locust to argue, ending up with you being banned. A perfect waste of a decent roleplayer, in my opinion. What exactly were the problems you spotted?

I’ll be sending them via PM.

I liked Necropolis a lot better than most RP servers I had been on. I just wish there was a bigger map.

I think the map’s suitable for our playerbase, seeing as we usually have around 20 players. Plus, the maps come a long way since it was originally, right now we’re pretty much using volume 3 of it, seeing as it was taken off of FPSbanana, and redid twice after that. It’s also currently going under ‘renovation’ by a developer and a member of the community.

There are two other servers btw, one’s a rural server, basically it takes place in the middle of no where, farms, trees, etc, and there other is for the miliatry faction the HECU. It’s a bunker - self explanatory.

tired as fuck as I write this and I’m just a regular member so don’t blame me if anything’s wrong I’ve been busy lately. :stuck_out_tongue:

Already been on Necropolis for a while. Nice to finally see it on Facepunch.

Rick Permantly banned me because I said the script is shit, which it is. And Rick if you read this, go eat a willy

(User was banned for this post ("Roleplay drama" - Nori))

Script is looking good, too bad I can’t play. I’m getting this:

When this heartbeat thing appears, this happens.