Necrotics Inbound

Looking very good.

They need shadows

They need treatment.

Oh wait,cerebral palsy can not be cured

Yeah I wish the posing was better.
But the composition is pretty good.

I mean the scene looks good.
I forgot to say that posing need improvement.
Explosion is bit weird.

I’m sorry, but that “muzzleflash” is horrible.

The posing is so ridiculous that ends up being funny.

Damn, posing really that bad? D=

I don’t know you hold a gun irl but I don’t the way you portray.

Are we talking about SAW guy, AUG guy, FAMAS dude, or all three?

all three, well the guy with the aug is decent.

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But the other two look funny.

well this is a pretty dam good pic!
yeah the posing is a bit off but they weren’t very felxible

I kinda like the explosion in the back.