why isn’t this a thing

why isn’t this canon

I’d totally shell out some money to see a good Dead Space/Star Wars crossover

Can make comics

Do undead exist in Star Wars? I vaugley remember seeing a cover of a book at some point of a zombie stormtrooper.

there was an imperial bioweapon that turned its victims into walking dead with a taste for living flesh; it broke out of containment on the Star Destroyer that it was being developed on, then a stranded prisoner transport carrying Han and Chewie docked with the ship and you can guess the rest

it’s not canon anymore

That’s pretty creative!

Actually, I’ve just done some digging, and I have found nothing to indicate that it isn’t cannon so who knows?

In any case for anyone viewing the image, the weapon in question is known as Imperial Bioweapons Project I71A, codenamed ‘Blackwing’. Unlike most zombies you see in say, L4D2 or the early RE games, those infected by ‘Blackwing’ also had an intelligence level similar to that of the Flood in Halo 2, such as able to use weapons and control vehicles/equipment, including the Vector’s tractor beam.

More info can be found here guys:

the old EU has been wiped out, period. the only things that can be currently confirmed as definitely canon are the movies, the Clone Wars and Rebels tv shows and all the supplementary material that has come out after Disney announced the EU rewrite.

in the case of the Death Troopers it’s a shame, that’s one of the few bits of the old EU that i actually liked

I’m pretty sure they’re still canon, they were included (alongside the whole Blackwing project) in a recent event on one of Disney’s many Star Wars games for cellphones which means that they made them canon again.

that’s great news

I take it the NSFW tag is for the sexy necrotrooper leg. He’d do a great hitchhiker.

As for nerdy canon things, there are zombies in Star Wars canon and there were zombie-like, parasite-possessed clone troopers in some episodes of The Clone Wars.

Also, here’s an image of the zombie stormtroopers from the non-canon Star Wars Galaxies MMO:

Very Death Trooper like, I love it!

It was actually a tie in to the book. It was supposed to be the ship from the book crashed on Dathomir and hijinx for players ensued.

Awesome homage then :slight_smile:
They had death trooper event on Star Wars galaxies before it was killed off for Old Republic. Never got to do the event, but very nice! :slight_smile:

Goddammit people, L4D2 did not have zombies, they’re still living people. Zombies have to die and come back. Unless they’re voodoo zombies but that’s a different thing altogether.

I remember playing that event, pretty cool, I remember the ‘zombie’ area was quarantined by the empire and inside the quarantine zone there was this imperial base with this massive zombie monster in it and a couple survivors.

You could obtain ‘Deathtrooper’ armor too iirc I had a set alongside most of the imp armors in the game.

Also unrelated to Deathtroopers and SWG Mace Windu fought zombies in this Clone Wars comic (The series made by the samurai jack guy) that were revived by like a Sith magic (so kinda like voodoo zombies) their were also the rakghouls from KoTOR 1 that later had a second outbreak on a Galactic Empire star destroyer in a comic due to some meddling by Darth Vader, and those sith force zombies on Malachor V in KoTOR 2.