Necrovision ?

Heres a quick question , has anybody thought of trying to port over the enemys from Necrovision ?

They had some really nice enemy designs in there . So i think it might be cool to have them for Garrysmod as well.

I thought the only cool design in the game was the vampire city.[/thumb]

And to some extent the vampire warriors.

Otherwise it was quite unimaginative. With heavy engine and bad 3d.

How so ? Sure theres the zombies that are , well quite normal zombies . But id say most of the designs were rather interesting .
One of the better ones has to be the barbed wire one though.
And yeah was sorta hopeing that the vampire warriors would at least be on gmod but then again ppl have ported much less interesting things over after all .

As for the engine id say its quite obviously more a game that had a budget then anything.

There’s a simple answer for that, the game obviously had a shit marketing because I doubt many people have heard of it outside where ever it is that it was made. I wouldn’t have ever heard of it if I didn’t put interest in european videogame developers.

From what ive seen its a neat little game , though unpolished really . Has some ammount of variety as well.

Probably going to get an internet bitchslap for this, but…what’s Necrovision?

In any case, if (and this is a major if here) I can get a hold of a copy, I can see what I can do about ripping content from the game. I’ll leave it to someone else to set it up, though.