Need 200 Metal Fragments in inventory to upgrade door, but upgrade costs 100

Hi, why is it that you need 100 more metal fragments then necessary in your inventory to be able to upgrade a door to sheet metal ?

they increased the cost according to the twitter update.

then why it costs only 100 but you need 200 in inventory?

it will just be that the cost in the description hasn’t been updated. or are you saying that you can’t build without having 200, but it only takes 100 from your inventory?

yes exactly, costs 100 i need 200 in inventory

then i agree it’s bugged. expect it to be fixed soon enough though;)

And the door is damaged from beginning 200/ 300 health… maybe only too correct it 200/200

It’s a repeat bug, (as in they fixed it, then broke it again, much like the can of beans / can of tuna, which used to give you an empty can when you ate it, then didn’t, then did, then didn’t again).

Sheet metal should cost 200, tell you you cannot afford to place if you have less than 200, but then only deducts 100 resources when build. Programming error…

PS. Lord_Nico you are a twat.

They made sheetmetal doors stronger.