Need a 16-24 Slot Server

I’m looking for someone who can provide me with a 16-24 slot server to use.

It would have to be free but if you wanted to advertise in the name, MOTD etc. that would be fine. You would also get admin and be able to moniter the server.

The game is Garry’s Mod. The game mode will be Zombie Survival.

Preferably I would like a server near the UK area but I don’t mind anywhere else.
It would be a clan server so I will try and populate it within a few weeks.

Add me on Steam if you can provide me with a server. Thank you.

Steam: bfrings


To be honest everyone, it doesn’t have to be 20+ slots. I just need one to get a clan going and if it populates fast then it can get bigger. Thanks

Link to clan’s website

The clan isn’t made yet but I will start recruiting now.


To be honest people it’s not going to be a clan server anymore just a normal zombie survival. BTW, if you provide me with the server 100% of any donations it receives go to you. is the best. They will always help you with your problems and a 24 slot server only costs 18.50.