Need a ADV-Dupe thingy

Hi Everyone. Its my first Post and im searching for something.
Its a ADV Dupe and it looks like this:

its very popular, but i dont know where to download.

Could anybody give me the link to download or upload it anywhere?



what does it do

Err, so its either a poorly textured box or a ragdoll?

More information is required.

Your sit on the Chair and control the Ragdoll (in third person).
Thats all.
Ohh, and you can Rocket them with right mouse.

Nobody knows?

was on my groups server last night, was kinda funny. It walks around chating on the combine radio, and can pick up items. hitting it with a crowbar was funny to hear it call for backup.

Uh All it looks like is an advanced pod controller with a chair in the PHX model elevator with a different material.

Have you the ADV? Thats because i want the ADV. Its so funny!


Actually it is… with a E2 Script.


I got it! Hope its the right one…