Need a basic hud scripter!

Sorry I meant menu/derma scripting, not HUD D:
Hello there, I am in needing of a basic hud scripter, for my CoD: Operations gamemode. I am fairly very bad at HUDs/menu, as stated in my server advertisement thread.

Here is my server advert:

I simply need a very basic tab menu that players can click, and choose items.

For example:

Primary: [Button]
Secondary: [Button]
Perk1: [Button]
Perk2: [Button]
Perk3: [Button]


When clicking the [Button] players can choose from a drop down list of weapons.
I just need the menu, the other gamemode relating coding I can do. I hope someone takes this request, I will be greatfully delighted.

Please add my steam: SuperMoof
I’m a very friendly guy, don’t be scared =)